You may not realise, but the skin under your eyes are many times thinner than skin on other parts of your face. And because it's thinner, it has all  tiny muscles in the area as well, and sensitivity, causing it to be sensitive and prone to issues like puffiness, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.

Puffiness in the Eyes
Puffiness comes from fluid buildup that causes swelling around your eye area. Products like Cucumber Gel Masque can help reduce swelling!

Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Dark circles are caused by a number of factors, including genetics, age and even allergies, where the blood vessels swell up to show such circles. Address these problems by using brightening products like Eye Radiance.

Fine Lines Around the Eyes
Constant folding and creasing of the skin, plus the lack of moisture in the skin causes the lines to slowly show. Look for collagen-building products like MaxFirm and Eye Cream, which will help boost collagen production and smooth out fine lines.