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DualPhase Makeup Remover

$48   Eye/Makeup Remover

This product is an optional item in the Skin Rebirth System
Remove your water-resistant eye and face makeup with one easy swipe with our do-it-all remover formula, fortified with plant-based extracts and peptides. This paraben and sulphate-free formula is easy on the skin and is a must have on every dressing table.

  • Benefits
    • Effectively removes eye and skin makeup
    • Fights free radical damage
    • Provides antioxidant benefits
  • Directions
    Shake well before use. Apply remover to cotton pad and swipe away makeup on the skin. For heavy makeup, repeat steps a few times on both sides of the cotton pad. For eye makeup, apply remover to cotton pad/ball then hold pad against area to be treated for about a minute to dissolve makeup then wipe away gently. Follow with an MD Dermatics cleanser and toner for a complete cleansing routine.
  • Key Ingredients
    • Aloe Vera
    • Chrysin
    • Natural Botanic Extracts

Day / Night
4 fl.oz. / 120ml
All skin types


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Used by Dermatologists, Medical Professionals and Professional Aestheticians to treat a wide range of skin concerns, the Skin Rebirth System has been proven to work beyond the surface of the skin, targeting your problems at their source, stimulating healthy cell renewal and fortifying the skin from within.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleansers & Toners

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Can I use my own Cleansers & Toners?

MD Dermatics products were designed to work together perfectly. By using products outside of our design scope, the ingredients may clash and nullify the effects of the products and may also cause problems.

How much should I use during one wash?

A dime or teaspoon size of cleanser is sufficient for removing your makeup. This dosage may be adjusted according to your personal skin type, environmental factors and sun exposure.

How many times a day can I cleanse my face?

We recommend cleansing your skin twice a day during normal use. You may cleanse an additional time with GentleWash if you are particularly active that day. For acne-prone skin types, over washing may exacerbate acne problems and strip the natural oils from the skin.

Why can't I use normal soap to cleanse my face?

We recommend using our cleansers for facial cleansing to prepare your skin for better absorption of treatment creams. Normal soaps may cause irritation and cause skin sensitivity.

What is the purpose of using your cleansers/toners?

Our cleansers and toners deep cleanses the skin, provides antioxidant benefits and balances the pH level of the skin to accept the treatment creams in the Skin Rebirth System range.

My skin sometimes feel dry, and sometimes feel oily. Which cleanser should I use?

You may use C-Cleanse in the night and GentleWash in the morning. This will allow the perfect balance of cleansing for those with acne-prone, dry or oily skin without stripping the skin of it's natural oils.