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LiftOff Exfoliant

$77   Exfoliating Treatment

This product is Step 4 of 6 in the Skin Rebirth System
A deep-penetrating treatment with an exceptional variety of benefits, this essential formulation stimulates dermal collagen and elastin, boosting overall skin structure and texture. Gold standard ingredients promote early removal of dead skin cells while boosting moisture content in the skin, allowing measurable improvements to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Benefits
    • Triggers formation of new collagen
    • Turns on glycosaminoglycans synthesis to plump up cells
    • Reduces skin layer thickening
    • Facilitates the sloughing of dead skin cells
  • Directions
    Perform a patch test before first use to test for skin sensitivity. Using both hands, spread the cream from the nose all the way to the sides of the face evenly. Do not rub the cream in or a white layer will form on the skin. Once the cream has been evenly spread, gently tap the cream in for maximum absorption. Wait 2 – 3 minutes or until cream has been absorbed and reapply another layer on problem areas.
  • Key Ingredients
    • 10% Buffered Glycolic Acid
    • Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Day / Night
2 fl.oz. / 60ml
All skin types


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Used by Dermatologists, Medical Professionals and Professional Aestheticians to treat a wide range of skin concerns, the Skin Rebirth System has been proven to work beyond the surface of the skin, targeting your problems at their source, stimulating healthy cell renewal and fortifying the skin from within.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skin Rebirth System

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When can I use LiftOff?

Add LiftOff 2 weeks after you have started on the Skin Rebirth System. Use all other products to cleanse and ready the skin before starting LiftOff about 2 weeks after you start the Skin Rebirth System. This prepares the skin properly.

How long can I use the products safely?

Squeeze one inch of cream onto your palms and apply to areas to be treated. If you use less than the recommended dose, expected results may be reduced. One 2oz bottle should last approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Once opened, treatment creams must be finished within 12 weeks.

How much cream should I use?

Squeeze one inch of cream onto your palms and apply to your face. If you use less than the recommended dose, expected results may be reduced. If you follow the dose correctly, one 2oz bottle should last you approximately 6 weeks to 8 weeks. If you are using the cream for more than 8 weeks, you may be using too little.

Why am I experiencing redness, itchiness or dryness?

These potential reactions are normal and should be expected. Some users may not experience these reactions. During use of products, the skin renewal cycle is accelerated, and your skin is not conditioned to this sudden boost, leading to these reactions. These reactions will diminish over time.

How can I ensure the best results?

Remember these 3 important rules. (1) Follow the dosage given. (2) Apply an additional layer on problem areas. (3) Apply sun protection at least twice a day or when necessary.

How can I make the program milder or stronger?

Reduce the quantity of cream dosage if you would prefer a milder treatment. Bear in mind a milder program may require a much longer time to treat the problems. You can add products like Retinol Enhancer to your regime for a stronger treatment. Ask your MD Dermatics Physician before adjusting your skincare regime.